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    GNOME Cyclic's CVS

    Pharmacy intends to be a GNOME compliant front-end to CVS for free operating systems, such as Linux and FreeBSD. Currently, it provides a limited user interface to CVS commands and a "console" for the lazy power-user.

    Why is it called "Pharmacy"?

    There is a chain of pharmacies in the U.S. called "CVS/Pharmacy" (click here too see their image-heavy site).

    22.04.2001 New Release Out

    Finally, there is a new release of Pharmacy, which mainly fixes some odd bugs.

    29.03.2001 New Release Pending

    stay tuned for the new release of pharmacy, which will appear next week ... thank your for your patience.

    10.03.2001 New CVS home is now hosted by

    January 2001 Problems

    Sorry for all the delay, but I personal load is much too high ;) and therefore I do not have enough time to provide you more improvements of Pharmacy.

    15.03.2000 New Maintainership

    The project was originally founded by N. Adam Walker, who deserves the whole laurels so far. Unfortunately he was not able to continue his work and therefore the project was orphaned for some months.
    Since I am convinced that the project's approach is a nice and right one, I decided to take the maintainership. The new home of the project will be Sourceforge although the CVS repository will belong in the GNOME project further on.
    So, stay tuned for more upcoming news. Subscribe to the announcement mailing list if you want to be informed about new releases. At first I will do some code clean up - not that the code is bad, but everyone has its one style and thinking ;).

    Matthias Kranz

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