Pharmacy (GNOME CVS Front-end)
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    Changes since 0.2.1:
        * Fixed a timestamp bug, which caused Pharmacy to not show
          modified files as modified (Thanks to toshiya).
        * Fixed a problem with the compression level slider (Thanks to
        * Some minor bug fixes.
        * Some minor indentation adjustments.
    2000-03-31  JP Rosevear  
        * src/ Put the .desktop file
        * the the Development area
        * with memprof, dryad, gIDE, etc.
    Changes since 0.2.0:
    	* Fixed the "Repository" menu bug
    	* Fixed typo in the about box (thanks to Christoper Rogers)
    	* A small patch from Harald Boehme to fix some experimental code
    	* packaged with a newer libtool to fix compile issues on FreeBSD
    		(thanks to Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven )
    Changes since 0.1.6:
    	* Better memory protection (David Ford )
    	* handle Needs Checkout message
    	* handle Needs Merge message
    	* "Get Latest Version" command
    	* fixes to allow better internationalizaion
    	* better handleing of pane resizing
    	* tooltips for the console
    	* Add files command
    	* delete and undelete commands
    Changes since 0.1.0:
    	* Rewrote preferences to work with gtk+-1.2
    	* Fixed ServerDlg SegFault.
    Changes since 0.0.6:
    	* Checkout lists modules avail.
    	* FileList shows local modified files in yellow.
    	* Update on selected files works
    	* Added basic support for commits. Nothing fancy.
    	* Stop button works
    	* Basic status support (It hilites filelist entries)
    	* Beginnings for documentation
    	* Removed some traces of gnome-standalone from pharmacy.c
    	* Added code for update/checkout preferences
    	* Added Icons for filelist
    Changes since 0.0.5:
    	* Fixed a compile-time bugs when linking againt gnome-libs 0.30.1
    	* Beginings of a prefs box.
    Changes since 0.0.4:
    	* I18N support (need translators)
    	* retro-fit for GTK+ 1.1.1 compile
    	* Using pty's instead of pipes
    	* Added login support
    	* Added 'console' menu
    	* added 'print' and 'clear' to console
    	* the DirTree is now sorted
    	* All DirTreeNode's now have LocationData Attached
    Changes since 0.0.3
    	* Added Status Bar
    	* Switched to the "foot" or "program" menu
    	* Dirtree updates after clicking ok in server dlg
    	* Dirtree updates after checkout
    Changes since 0.00.01
    	* Added pixmaps to directory tree
    	* filelist fills now
    	* Added a scrollbar to the CVS console
    	* Filelist updates after cmd excutes
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